• John Boydell: The Enlightenment man.

    A biographical sketch of an outstanding representative of the English Age of Enlightenment John Boydell, engraver, art dealer, publisher, politician.

    "It may be a matter of wonder to some, what enducements I could have to present the City of London with so many expensive Pictures; the principal reasons that influence me were these:
    First: to show my respect for the Corporation, and my Fellow Citizens,
    Secondly: to give pleasure to the Public, and Foreigners in general,
    Thirdly: to be of service to the Artists, by shewing their works to the greatest advantage: and,
    Fourthly: for the mere purpose of pleasing myself."

    Image: Portrait of John Boydell by Sir William Beechey. 1801. Guildhall Art Gallery. London.